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"Growthink is a sharp, creative, and results-focused group that will turbo-charge the growth of your business"

Who we are

Since 1999, Growthink has helped over 500,000 entrepreneurs and executives develop business plans, raise funding and grow their companies.

Our clients have now raised over $2.5 BILLION.

Why we are

Growthink’s mission is to help executives and entrepreneurs grow their businesses so they can create jobs, offer customers better products and services, realize personal satisfaction and wealth, and fund programs that make the world a better place.

Where you are

Do you need a business plan to grow your company? Do you need funding? Are you interested in selling your business? Would market research help you identify and pursue new opportunities?

In any of these cases, Growthink can help.


How it starts

Choose from Growthink’s business plan consulting, investment banking, and market research services, or purchase one of our products that can help you take your business to the next level.

Need someone to help write your business plan?

Since 1999, Growthink has created more than 4,000 business and strategic plans for clients who have gone on to achieve tremendous success.

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Business Plan CONSULTING
Customer Reviews

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"Growthink's dynamic team of professionals has provided professional collaboration and guidance, key metric creation, accountability measures, technology platform utilization and business improvement strategies."

Stephen Miller
President / Top Cut Lawn Services
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"I absolutely loved working with Growthink! They listened to our objectives and truly understood what our mission was prior to beginning our project. They hit all their milestones on-time and on-point. They ultimately delivered a very valuable tool that will have tremendous use to us in our growth plan."
Karen DiPeri
President / HMG Plus
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"I worked with the Growthink team in the preparation of a comprehensive business and financial plan for my most recent venture. They did a phenomenal effort in capturing the essence of the venture. The strategic plan, market analysis and financial model is a great."

Michael Forhan
President / Crossover Solutions
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"I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Growthink a handful of times.

I was so impressed after that one experience that it turned into more because I recommended Growthink to other prospects and customers that needed help figuring out their market."

Steve O'Brien
CEO / Noble Applications
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"You and your team have done an outstanding job!

Everything you did was very thorough and professional. The timeline in which this was accomplished was also spectacular.

I want to particularly thank you for how well you revised my business plan."
Dr. Robert White
President / Focus Works
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"Growthink wrote the business plan for my mortgage company. Their research work was very accurate, and the average sales, revenue and cash flow data prepared me to make realistic decisions.

They are a group of committed, dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who are with you during the process and after."
Prem Kapani
CEO / Reemak Mortgage Funding

Want to write your business plan yourself?

Since 1999, hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners have purchased Growthink’s Ultimate Business Plan Template.

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Business Plan TEMPLATE
Customer Reviews

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“Your Business Planning Template has been the single most valuable tool for helping me think more critically and strategically about bringing my invention to market. So thank you.”
Michael Saletta
CEO / Saletta Leadership
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“I bought your business plan template and raised $1,550,000 this year for my equine medical device company.

Thank you for all you do!”
Wendy Drumm
President / Advanced Equine Research Institute
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“I always thought writing a business plan was going to be very difficult. Growthink’s Ultimate Business Plan Template made it as easy as filling in the blanks and pressing ‘print.’ Thanks again.”
David Schleider
Founder & President / TrueLemon
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“I downloaded your template onto my computer, opened it up… and I actually was able to finish my business plan by the end of the day!”

Brett Perrine
President / International Education Exchange
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“As I revise my May Cookie Co. Business Plan, I am prompted to write you to THANK YOU. Your business plan template has been enormously helpful in this process, more than I can express.”

Susan Nolte
Owner / May Cookie Co.
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“It is my pleasure to write this glowing testimony concerning your business plan template. I am VERY pleased with this product and it has helped me complete my business plan. I was awarded two government contracts as a direct result.”
Juan Crawford
Owner / Leak Properties

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Investment Banking

Our best investment banking testimonials are RESULTS.

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